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Realtime Build Series - Lifetrac 6 Cab Module


The first in the OSE Realtime Build series where viewers can experience a GVCS Build as it happens. This video gives a good tutorial on building the Lifetrac 6 Cab Module. You can see the modifications we made along the way.

OSE Philosophy-QuickTime H


May 30, 2013, 8:33pm

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Int Marcin
.10 Dolly to Marcin welding with hardhat and goggles *
.15 CU Marcin
.Night welding
tractor welding
GRPHX - Abundance/Scarcity
1.30 Zach Dwiel story
CU Zach building
1.55 Zach and family
2.00 Aaron Makaruk interview
2.10 Aaron welding
2.25 Life Trac - track behind track
In field
On laptop screen
GRPHX - shows costs
Tom Griffing int
Various lifetrack - good shots
GRPHX - wealth stays in
3.42 Yoonseo Kang interview - about power cube
Good laptop shots him working
5.03 Good timelapse in shot lots of welding
Willam Neif
Screen sped up
5.36 GRPHX Machines white to color on black graph paper - pull to 50

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